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Die Einigung - Forget Me Not - Trio's Fanfiction [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Die Einigung - Forget Me Not [Nov. 3rd, 2006|12:53 pm]
Trio's Fanfiction


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[music |Weiß Kreuz - Moonflower (Yuugao)]

Title: Die Einigung
Scene Title: Forget Me Not
Author: beloved_voices
Series: Weiß Kreuz
Pairing(s) Involved:
Disclaimer: Weiß Kreuz is owned by Takehito Koyasu, Marine Entertainment, Project Weiß, and associated parties.
Scene Wordcount: 852
Current Wordcount Total: 4890
Rating: G
Warnings: none

Certain sights, certain sounds, were particularly nostalgic. Flowers were most certainly the most nostalgic, to the point that Omi had found a flower shop between his school and the shop. He brought home a bouquet each week, something to set in a window and brighten the place. On happier weeks, Ken and Yoji did likewise, until the air throughout the apartment was faintly perfumed, the delicate scent like a tender aura about them all. Only Ran never brought flowers home. Such nostalgic thoughts were, to him, something to be left behind.

Omi had asked him once, during the three months' downtime they'd been assigned, just why he didn't like flowers. The question had surprised and confused Ran, and he'd ended up stepping back, turning away from Omi and disappearing into his room to think it out. It wasn't until the next day, confronted with Omi's solemn face and the faint hurt in his eyes, that Ran finally found his voice. "It's not that I don't like them," he'd said, feeling the words out very carefully and watching as Omi nodded. "It's just... there's not much of that time that I choose to remember. There wasn't much then that I'd want to remember," he pressed, brow furrowing as Omi nodded solemnly, looking more hurt than ever. But Omi hadn't protested the words, and he hadn't tried to convince Ran otherwise. And, oddly for him, he didn't stop bringing home the flowers.

But flowers weren't the only nostalgic sights Ran encountered. A customer here, an ad there. There were days the memories crowded in upon him, screaming at him until he wanted nothing so much as to hide in his bed, safe from the world. He never did. In the beginning, they were two men short as Omi and Ken mended from the painful treatment they'd recieved. Then, it was simply not something his mind would allow. No matter how he wanted to hide from the world, it would creep into his refuge anyway, stealing away the precious bits of time he carefully hoarded. The worst day of all was the first day after three months that they looked up to see a familiar face smiling calmly back at them, a briefcase in one hand and her other lingering on the counter.

"Manx," Ran murmured, and Omi looked up in surprise, staring at the red-haired woman for a few short seconds before nodding to Ran and heading upstairs to get Ken and Yoji. Ran turned, opening the door to the back room for her and stepping back so that she could go through first. But she didn't move. Instead, she simply stared at him for several long moments before looking down at her hands.

"Ran... while we're alone," she finally murmured, not noticing the way he froze up at the words. "Let me break it to you first. You're... being reassigned."

Reassigned. The word had such an ominous knell to it, a finality that made the swordsman shudder. He closed the door to the downstairs hard, turning to pin her with his coldest glare. "Reassigned." A flat word, and without inflection, it was almost frightening, even to Manx.

To her credit, she made no jokes. She simply nodded, shifting her briefcase and file from one hand to the other. She almost looked properly apologetic for ripping him free of his new family. Almost. "That's where?" he asked, nodding to the file she held in one hand. When she shook her head, he simply stared in confused silence.

"This is Weiß's new mission. I'm afraid... I have to ask you to stay up here while I brief them. I'll take you to your new home after. You can pack while we're downstairs."

Just like that, it was over. Just like that, she would uproot him from the family he'd finally settled into, move him to a new team, and start the torture all over again. Ran stared at her for several moments longer, then turned, locking the door and flipping the sign and heading upstairs. He passed the others on the way, but offered no explanation to them. They didn't press, knowing Ran as well as they did. Gratefully, Ran slipped into his room, staring around at the sparse furnishings for several seconds before sinking down onto the bed. If old missions were anything to go by, he had a half hour, perhaps as much as an hour, to finish packing and be ready to go. That would leave him with anywhere from fifteen to forty-five minutes left, he reflected as he opened up the closet to reveal bags already packed. He wouldn't write a note. There was too much to say about his time in Weiß, and he really couldn't find the words for this new assignment. So rather than leaving a note, he simply moved to the bouquet that Omi had brought home, this one full of jasmine and forget-me-nots. He plucked a single small sprig of the remembrance blossom and laid it on his bare desk, a final silent note from him. Manx could decide what else they would be told herself...