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Die Einigung - Meeting Place [Nov. 1st, 2006|02:17 pm]
Trio's Fanfiction


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[music |Weiß Kreuz - Sweet Nothing (Ken)]

Title: Die Einigung
Scene Title: Meeting Place
Author: beloved_voices
Series: Weiß Kreuz
Pairing(s) Involved: none yet
Disclaimer: Weiß Kreuz is owned by Takehito Koyasu, Marine Entertainment, Project Weiß, and associated parties.
Scene Wordcount: 867
Current Wordcount Total: 1613
Rating: G
Warnings: none yet

The small stand of trees on the edge of the park had little going for them. There was litter on the ground, bits of trash that fluttered and rustled in the wind, and benches that had warped, half-peeling paint on the boards. The spot was so very out-of-the-way that it obviously wasn't considered important. Even the trees themselves appeared scraggly and half-dead, for all their foliage. But to the boys of Weiß, it was a welcome sight, as was the woman sitting on one of the benches beneath the trees. Birman looked up at them as they approached, waterlogged and each of them feeling well-matched for the trees. Ran moved to sit beside her, Omi cradled in his arms, and Yoji stood nearby, Ken draped over his back. For a long minute, no one said a word. They had, somehow, survived.

"We've arranged for Aya's safety." Birman's words finally broke the silence, drawing everyone's attention. She may have been Ran's sister, but after fighting for her, after trying to beat Schwarz at this little cat-and-mouse game so many times, her safety had come to mean something to all of them.

Ken offered a weak, crooked grin, still leaning heavily against Yoji's back. His head was swimming, and he could feel the wet heat of the blood slowly running down his back. "So she's okay?" he asked, his eyes slipping to Ran. Even through the fuzziness, he could see the hope, disbelief, and fear warring in Ran's eyes, and the certainty that if he was the one to ask, this time, she'd be gone. So Ken let himself voice what they all wanted to say, his eyes closing. "What's going to happen with her?"

"For the time being, she'll work in the Koneko," Birman said, and when Ran started, she reached out, resting a hand on his arm. "She'll only be doing flower-work, Abyssinian. She'll take one of the apartments above, and she'll heal and return to school. It will most certainly be up to her as to what she wants to do with her life from there." Her tone was soft, soothing, and it didn't calm Ran for a moment.

"What about the rest?" he demanded, and only Omi's presence on his lap kept him from rising to loom over the woman. His glare was icy, frigid as the waters they'd been cast into during the citadel's collapse. But despite that, Birman stood firm.

"What rest, Abyssinian? She won't be asked to become a member of Weiß. She won't even be asked to become a member of Kritiker," she added, meeting his eyes steadily. "She'll simply work at the flower shop until she's ready to move on."

"But...," came Omi's weak objection, offered softly in an effort to fight against the shooting pains through his body. "What about Weiß? What's happening to us?" He fell silent at that point, gasping a bit before returning to the shallow breaths he'd been taking. He didn't quite argue when Ran's hand came up to pet his hair gently. Any soothing that didn't hurt, he'd take.

"You're being moved... if any of you intend to remain." She looked pointedly at Ran at this, and his eyes simply dropped. He had no idea just what to say to that implication, and didn't want to even try. "You'll have a new base of operations and cover job, and more or less continue to go about business as normal. "Your things have already been moved there, although..." Birman trailed off until Ran's head came up, and then she smiled softly. "Although we did just happen to leave a piece of Abyssinian's clothing behind. We chose one of the softer-looking things in your closet, Abyssinian: an old, orange sweater. Manx thought that Aya might like to have it."

Ran stared at the woman for a long moment, poleaxed, before a faint but genuine smile settled on his lips. "She has my job, my apartment...," he started, cut off halfway through by Omi's impish interruption.

"Your name."

Ran snorted. "It will be good for her to have that. She can put it on if she ever feels lonely." He avoided the sharp green gaze that pinned him, not quite ready to answer the question in them.

"Very well, boys. If you're ready, we can go to your new base now, and you can get set up. I think you'll like it there." Birman rose, hiding her wince behind a delicate hand before moving toward the car she'd driven to reach them. "Climb in, and don't worry about the seats."

Grateful for the reprieve, they moved to get in, Yoji helping Ken into the left seat in the back, and then taking the center seat for himself despite having the longest legs of the bunch. Ran slipped Omi in beside Yoji, faint amusement in his eyes at the way Ken and Omi both sort of sagged against the tall assassin. Their eyes met, but Ran's dropped after only a moment, still not ready to answer the questions Yoji wanted to ask. The redhead climbed into the front seat, his head leaning against the window as he waited for Birman to start the car. Finally, Aya was safe.